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How it Works
Op Shop Consignment Closet

Step 1) If a customer has an item that they would like to share with ELIH Consignment Closet.

Step 2) Contact ELIH Opportunity shop via e-mail at Arrangements will be made to confirm acceptance of item. 

Step 3) Consignment agreement is signed. 

Step 4) Item will be posted on ELIH Op Shop website as well as the Hospital Website. The item will be e-blasted through the ELIH family.

Consignment Agreement
(Please fill out consignment agreement attached above). 
Op Shop Extension
It is this simple; the item is at the Opportunity Shop for you to buy. Check our Instagram and Facebook pages for daily new arrivals!



How to contact Us
Friends of ELIH can contact us through
our e-mail
Message us on facebook at ELIH OpShop or instagam at ELIHOpShop.
Phone Number: (631)-477-1120 



Facts and Questions

All items will be authenticated. 

All items will be price to sell. 

Shipping is available.

All sales are final

Prefer payment by a check. 




With any questions please contact us via e-mail or call us


Thank you for your continued support!

If you would like to have more information about how to volunteer to contact us today!

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