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Donation Boxes


 Before Donating...

*Between the hours of 11:00AM and 1:00PM*

  • Please check clothing for any rips, tears, or permanent stains. 


  • Please launder your clothing and linens.

  • Please clean and dry your kitchen items.


  • Please package glass carefully.

  • Please DO NOT leave any items without permission as all items must be screened beforehand.

  • Please ask yourself "Would I give this to  a friend?"​

  • Please DO NOT DUMP!!! It is an eyesore for the community. Anything left outside of the Opportunity Shop after business hours we cannot accept. These items get picked through, it unfortunately has to get thrown out, and then it becomes a major expense for the Opportunity Shop.

 *Acceptable & Unacceptable Donations     (Please Click Here)

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